Marketing, simplified

We know what it’s like to have an idea or product you love, which everyone you know loves, and which you know everyone in the world could love if only they just, well, knew about it. We know firsthand the frustration which comes from feeling invisible, despite all your hard work, and that’s why, even as we’ve started to grow, the name A Hole in the Wall resonates with us so strongly. It feels like everyone is trying to do what you’re trying to do. It feels like, if you want to succeed, you have to be not only hands-down, 100% better than all your competitors, but more noticeable. And there doesn’t seem to be any way to do that. Nobody knows the formula for being popular or successful. It’s hidden behind a wall, and it always has been. And with every brick – with every different Baby boomer, Echo boomer, and millennial you want to capture, with every post or video which goes viral when yours doesn’t, with every hyperspecialized consulting or media firm which swears it knows everything about SEO or pop-up shops or marketing analytics – the wall only grows. And, you get more frustrated. And you leave your project on the ground…

Well, we’re here to help you pick it up. We are a small, all-in-one marketing firm, and we can provide simple solutions to every creative or data-driven problem you would ever encounter, for a fraction of their traditional costs. We like to think of our process as something like punching holes in a wall to let in light which, as you can probably guess, is something we’re passionate about.


All good work begins with knowledge. For the work you do – for the idea or business which A Hole in the Wall can help you grow – that knowledge comes in the form of technical training, experience, and insight. For the work we do, it comes in the form of research. We need to know how your project fits in with all the other projects in your industry before we can figure out how to tweak it to best meet popular demand. We need to know which demographics to target based on the goods and services you hope to provide, and whether those demographics are more efficiently reached by a YouTube ad campaign or a series of guerrilla marketing events. Most importantly, as we work together to build a flexible and creative foundation for making all your ideas pop, we need to know you, and what you hope to accomplish.


Words stand on their own. They do this even as they form the basis for conversation, allowing people from different times and different places to interact with and understand each other. This double-identity makes words powerful in general, and oh so necessary for any business endeavor. It also makes them tricky. See, once you commit something to text, you don’t really have much control over its interpretation. Two people can read the same paragraph, or even the same sentence, and come away with completely different opinions or conclusions, in both cases influenced by the context and assumptions they’ve built over their lives. To really communicate effectively, you have to use words which are both straightforward enough to set a concrete tone and answer questions before they arise and also abstract enough to be feel-good and awe-inspiring. On top of that you have to be consistent, striking the same balance with rote text like website copy or product label descriptions as you do with important speeches and investor pitches. And, that’s where we come in.


Our immediate perception of the world is, at every moment, immersive, intuitive, and dynamic. Design, insofar as it tells us what we should be hearing or looking at, shapes that perception. Here at A Hole in the Wall, we harness that perception-shaping power to spur global interest. It starts by taking your idea or your business and boiling it down to its essence, the part of it which is an undeniable and immediate part of reality. Then, drawing on our deep appreciation of harmony, aesthetics, and creativity, we come up with ways to showcase that essence for the rest of the world. Getting it perfect isn’t easy. It entails an iterative process of innovation, feedback, collaboration, and revision, and it’s going to require input from us, you, and marketing test groups. But, in the end, it will all be worth it. Whether you want a logo whose simply compelling message transcends every boundary the world throws at it or you dream about artwork to set the right mood for your vegan café, we’ve got you covered.


Direct action yields results. We think that should be something of a mantra in the marketing business. It reminds us all that the research, the writing, and the designs – however good they may be – all count for almost nothing if they don’t engage the public. Of course, in an attention-deprived and media saturated culture, generating that engagement is no small feat. It requires a penchant for versatility balanced by an unwavering focus on the bigger picture. To really get people into your brand, into your world, you need to weave a seamless blend of seasonal events and launch parties, a daily ration of Instagram posts and Twitter clapbacks, and profiles of your customers in the real world. That, in turn, means you need photoshoot- and Photoshop-experienced photographers, SEO and social media gurus, and a network of press contacts to tell your story. We have all that, and we’re ready to leverage it for your benefit. So, take a look at some of the other work we’ve done, and let’s get started!