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As a digital copywriter, I helped this billion dollar fashion brand ( modernize its messaging without losing touch with its core customer base. Over my eight month contract, I…

Wrote 4 emails / day, increasing YoY sales by 3%. Built a bank of texts and headlines which helped the company migrate from its former client to a more flexible, powerful email service provider.

On the paid social media side, I quadrupled ad engagement rate. On the organic side, my refreshed captions, IG stories, and cross-platform campaign ideas increased organic followers by 29%.

Managed brand partnerships with Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson, and Gabrielle Union. Named clothing, drafted D2C messages from the celebrities, created ads, and pitched promotional branding concepts.

Created dozens of dynamic email SLs and web headlines a day, leveraging A/B testing, peer feedback, and software. Maintained an average rating of 104 A+ on a scale which normally tops at 100.

Some of my most exciting experience has come as a freelance article writer and public relations representative for smaller brands or publications. In terms of what I have delivered, I…

Drove 4 million views to Fashion360 during New York Fashion Week 2017 (Spring and Fall), by writing over thirty 600 word articles under tight editorial specifications.

Drafted press pieces and video segments, which appeared in Bloomberg, Cheddar, Business Insider, and CNN.

Published the first series of articles for electronics industry magazine The Burn-In, generating 40K views for a new magazine with smart research, SEO, and mass market appeal.

Packaged and pitched foreign visual artists to American galleries, magazines, and audiences, securing 100K+ followers and increasing average monthly revenue by 14%.

Working as a brand manager for this start-up ( meant being a one-stop shop for design, copy, photography, and endless big ideas. It was never easy, but always rewarding. I am proud that I…

Launched a travel blog series which increased D2C sales of sunglasses by 55% over just 4 months. Built a cohesive narrative of “eclectic cosmopolitanism” to distill brand identity across all platforms.

Organized brand placement at Ludlow House and Tumblr’s 10th Anniversary at National Sawdust. Networked with brand reps and attendees at Yeezy’s 2017 launch in Pier59.

Sent 1 MailChimp email / day, averaging 28% engagement rates, 11% click-through rates, and week over week subscriber growth.

Created a commercial pitch which landed Dharma a partnership with Adrian Grenier’s Lonely Whale Foundation and Shadé Akanbi’s Printed Pattern People.

Plus, many more


Buddha Tortoise Square

Nice to meet you. My name is Chris Siemer. I am a Brooklyn based writer who specializes in digital, marketing, and social copy. I have a great sense of marrying text with images, and, as an added bonus, am conversational in Spanish, Japanese, and German. Whether you have routine needs, or something a bit more out of the box, I would love to be a part of your next project. Please look through my skills and work experience and, if you think we would be fit, reach out with the contact section below! I am more than happy to answer any questions, provide portfolio samples, or set up a time to chat about your next big idea.

P.S. — I love films and pop culture! If you can name all of the directors / artists who appear in the video at the top of the page, I’ll give you a free tagline or brand consultation 🙂

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