Our immediate perception of the world is, at every moment, immersive, intuitive, and dynamic. Design, insofar as it tells us what we should be hearing or looking at, shapes that perception. Here at A Hole in the Wall, we harness that perception-shaping power to spur global interest. It starts by taking your idea or your business and boiling it down to its essence, the part of it which is an undeniable and immediate part of reality. Then, drawing on our deep appreciation of harmony, aesthetics, and creativity, we come up with ways to showcase that essence for the rest of the world. Getting it perfect isn’t easy. It entails an iterative process of innovation, feedback, collaboration, and revision, and it’s going to require input from us, you, and marketing test groups. But, in the end, it will all be worth it. Whether you want a logo whose simply compelling message transcends every boundary the world throws at it or you dream about artwork to set the right mood for your vegan café, we’ve got you covered.