CADS Logo Design

The businesses we run become a part of our lives and, as we grow and change through the natural and organic course of life, they must grow and change with us. With a newly awarded LEED certification, and a second child just born, J.C. Calderon decided that change would come in the form of a move, from Manhattan to Beacon, NY. Along with that, he wanted to relaunch his private architecture firm, designing a logo, website, and interior office space to reflect the colorful, open air direction his life was moving in. Like life, the creative work is an ongoing process. But, for now, we think we’re working our way to eudaimonia.


The first take was all about the eco-friendly image which J.C. wanted to cultivate. Vibrant mauve and smooth green complemented the spiral and diamond logo to give a sense of both organic structure and limitless possibility.

The second time around we decided to add white for accent, and to make the overall design more symbolist. The end result was more evocative of contemporary architecture, but retained a distinctly homey feel.


J.C. wanted an even simpler logo, though, and felt that the overall design – and, especially, the shade of green – was too space age for the image he hoped to promote. So we went back to the drawing board, literally.

In the end, we came up with a very geometric take on the compass, a timeless symbol of the architecture trade. The way we designed the curving band gave the sense of open arms, welcoming viewers into the fold. Because the width is tapered ever so slightly, you can also just make out the letters CAD, which is both a reference to the architectural software AutoCAD (where “CAD” is an acronym for “Computer Assisted Drawing”) and also to “Calderon Architecture & Design.” J.C. loved it.

This is the final version of the logo. A more natural hue of green has been added back in, and the whole thing is outlined by a thin black box, which optimizes its appearance in print or on the web.