CADS Promotional Launch

After we helped J.C. set up his new business, we worked to secure new revenue. Brainstorming with the man himself, we decided that the most effective and straightforward approach would be to put together a PowerPoint presentation of his best, most recent project, so that he could succinctly pitch his creative strengths and expertise to prospective architecture clients. That was a good start, but it left unsolved the problem of finding those prospects because, as you can imagine, it’s hard to make deep business connections when you’re new to a small town. For that, we put together an arts gala at J.C.’s studio space, coming up with an events program and securing food. Then we designed a promotional flier and distributed it the old fashioned way – with a staple gun, pavement pounding sneakers, and a smiling, door-to-door pitch.


Exterior of the Riu Hotel Miami, which J.C. helped design.



Interior of Noyes Hall Lounge (Vassar College), whose renovation J.C. toured.



Exterior of a synagogue in the post-modern style. J.C. drew inspiration for his amphitheater in upstate New York from buildings like this.


Interior of the aforementioned synagogue, stylized in two shots.



A flyer to promote J.C.’s open house. This one is geared towards business owners in the community of Beacon, New York.