App Marketing

It started out with two brothers from Staten Island, and a dream. They would revolutionize the secondary sales marketplace by launching an app which lowered participatory barriers while leveraging the marketing power of social media. They had experience in retail, owning a chain of shops across the five boroughs, and heard about our services through a friend. We dug deep to find out what they planned to offer to the public, and how they hoped to pitch it. And, after a little trial and error, we helped them do just that.


An early version of the logo went was unabashedly simple. We figured that our choice of name (Golden Ticket, which came to us instantly) could pretty much carry the branding all by itself.



Our clients wanted it a little more refined, particularly in the “upscale” and “enticing” departments. The textile-cream background and number-punch strikes the right balance, whereas the thumbs-up keeps the cheeky, upbeat tone.



We figured we might as well do the UI / UX design at that point, as the app still needed a skeleton. This is the search icon we came up with, just applying the same gold leaf texture we developed for the logo.



When we made the settings icon, we noticed that the gold leaf texture interfered with visibility as the screen size shrunk. We had actually intended to add one more color to create a full brand identity package, and it was only natural that we deploy it here. The forest green was just pulled from the shade we used in the logo’s thumbs-up.




Samples of the screens with which app users would interact. We completed the brand identity package by choosing a font system which kept that same balance of narrow-ligature classiness and broad-stamped good ‘ole raffle fun.